Pallet Rack

Whether you’re running a small retail store or a warehouse, you’re going to want pallet rack.


If you want to store your inventory, you’re going to want to use the height of your space. Nothing beats pallet rack at this. Conveyor Technologies recommends that pallet rack supplement storage systems because it is easy and cheap to install (simply drop cross beams into the slots on the uprights, and fit wire deck overtop), long-lasting, and is easily reorganized, so that your storage can grow with your business.

Generally, our used pallet rack ships out of our warehouse in Reading, Pennsylvania. However, we also work with suppliers nationwide so that you can get the best deal, wherever you are.

Whether you’re looking to purchase pallet rack for an existing space, or would like help better utilizing the space you already have, we’re only a phone call (or email) away.

Conveyor Technologies provides pallet rack of all sizes and styles, competitively priced to be easy on your bottom line.


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